In the year 1932, Fenkell Automotive Services was founded on Fenkell road in Detroit, Michigan, to replace and restore storefront flat glass in buildings. As the city experienced great excitement in becoming the auto capital of the world, Fenkell transitioned to replacing flat glass for the auto industry.

Through the years, Fenkell developed a strong reputation for auto expertise and repairs. In the mid-70s, it began to work with auto dealers’ glass projects throughout the Detroit metropolitan area. Soon, auto manufacturers began inviting the company to repair glass, tires, and batteries in their cars and trucks.

With time, Fenkell started handling vehicle repairs in manufacturers’ storage yards and became adept and knowledgeable about intransit repairs. In the mid-80s, Fenkell was asked to handle intransit repairs in 10 different storage yards throughout the country, providing glass, tires, and batteries to vehicles.

In the early 1990s, Fenkell was awarded a nationwide intransit repair program to repair vehicles throughout the United States and Canada. From there, Fenkell grew its' intransit program significantly and also expanded into many other areas.

In 1998, we invented a web-based claims management/tracking system called Vehi-Trac®. This further helped place Fenkell on the map with manufacturers who significantly appreciate its' outstanding tracking and reporting capabilities, claims management, and data analysis.

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Fenkell Automotive Services