Vehi-Trac® Software

Vehi-Trac Software

Vehi-Trac®, the Industry Standard in Finished Vehicle Damages Software

When Fenkell Automotive Services sought to better repair, track, and process claims for finished vehicle damages, in 1992 we invented Vehi-Trac® Finished Vehicle Damages Software Program. This interactive Internet program, which is utilized by many automotive manufacturers today, is the industry standard in finished vehicle damages software.

Vehi-Trac® provides the latest technology and strongest data and reporting capabilities for storage yards to report, repair and track vehicle damages and also to process claims. It brings transparency to manufacturers and the vendors who damage their vehicles.

Today, Fenkell is the preferred company to facilitate finished vehicle damages services, and Vehi-Trac® is the manufacturer-mandated software and industry standard used in every storage yard throughout North America and also globally. This customized solution provides the quickest vehicle feedback. No other system does what we do.

Select Vehi-Trac® To:

  • Decrease Damages due to transparency with carriers, use of vendor scorecards, and real-time trend reports of inspection data to prevent damage
  • Save Money by decreasing costs, writing off lost claims or claims which expired filing time, avoiding third-party collections, and recovering claims
  • Become Knowledgeable and Proactive by knowing the areas prone to damage, implementing damage prevention procedures, knowing damage ratios and holding vendors accountable
  • Strengthen Vendor Communications

Vehi-Trac® Offers:

In-transit Services:

  • Repair damaged vehicles throughout the country
  • Track damaged vehicles (what parts were damaged, and when, where, how and who)
  • Process claims and expedite payments (monitor, track and send bills to carriers and vendors)

Our Add-On Services:

  • Vehicle Theft/Recovery
  • Body/Major Damage Tracking
  • Storage Maintenance
  • Appraisals/Inspections Facilitation
  • Fleet work and Company Car Services

Vehi-Trac® software also is available to vendors who have expressed great interest in using it. The flexibility and scale-ability of the system allows companies of all sizes and types to benefit from Vehi-Trac® software.

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