Meet the experienced management team and staff at Fenkell Automotive Services, each who is actively involved in serving our manufacturers:

Michael Reighard

President Mike Reighard leads his team in serving clients with excellence. Mike initiates new relationships with manufacturers, provides clients with vital guidance and direction, develops and orchestrates new programs to serve manufacturers, and creates new avenues of growth and expansion for the company based on market needs.

Mary Taranto

As Vice President, Mary Taranto assigns responsibilities, develops functional roles, and oversees operations to ensure that the President's vision is carried out.


As our Mexico Operations Manager, Mariana Saldana Ortiz oversees all Fenkell activity in Mexico.

Brian Taranto

As an automotive manager, Brian Taranto works directly with vendors and the yards to facilitate the finishing of repairs.

Rachel Noel

As claims manager, Rachel Noel supervises analysts in implementing the claims collection process.

Wendy Forsythe

As claims manager, Wendy Forsythe supervises analysts in implementing the claims collection process.

Nancy Solanskey

As administrative manager, Nancy Solanskey is responsible for Human Resources, Accounts Payable and Receivable. Her role is to be focused on achieving the daily objectives and delivering the end results expected from the President.

Dmitry Novikov

As IT project manager, Dmitry Novikov handles the many technical aspects of Fenkell’s web-based systems.

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