Over 80-year-old Fenkell Automotive Services is a full-service company that has built a strong reputation as auto manufacturers’ preferred choice for intransit vehicle repair. Our expertise and highly service-oriented philosophies underlie our success.

Integrating Technology Into Intransit Repair

Further, Fenkell has been chosen again and again as we are one of the first and only companies in the industry to integrate technology into intransit repair. Our clients have enthusiastically desired our industry-changing invention, Vehi-Trac®. It provides unbelievable reporting and tracking capabilities that bring huge benefits to manufacturers and vendors alike.

In other words, Fenkell is the industry’s expert in finished vehicle logistics. We are recognized and utilized for claims management, plant hold reworks projects, data analysis, a dealer hotline, and a variety of special projects.

Deeply Ingrained Within Respected Auto Manufacturers

Proudly, Fenkell serves a variety of known auto manufacturers, including:

  • Chrysler
  • Ford Motor Company
  • General Motors
  • Subaru
  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen

Daily, we work directly with production plants, and internal departments of auto companies, such as engineering, warranty, fleet, transportation, and quality assurance/vehicle logistics.

The services that we professionally provide to auto manufacturers include:

At Fenkell, we make sure vehicles are repaired and delivered damage-free using original equipment parts. We provide statistical data (link) in real time, communicate with engineering platform groups regarding deficiencies and issues with their product, claims recovery (link) for vehicle damage, and much more.

We Stand Apart

Added to our expertise and systems, Fenkell has dedicated and hard-working management and staff. Fenkell will go above and beyond the call of duty to serve you. Our auto manufacturers know: Fenkell’s commitment to serving them with excellence.

  • The professional ways that we handle and follow through on every project
  • Our responsiveness of getting things done immediately when we’re asked to do it
  • Our proactivity, as we often suggest ideas and develop new approaches to help you
  • Our innovativeness in which we create new processes and handle things more efficiently

When you work with Fenkell, you can be assured that the job will always get done right. Our clients have that comfort level, and thereby we continue to have opportunities to serve.

We invite you to call Fenkell Automotive Services at 586-268-3481.

Fenkell Automotive Services