Plant Hold Reworks

Plant Hold Reworks

Every auto manufacturing plant experiences what they call plant holds, reworks, stop-ships, and special projects. Once a problem/issue is discovered with the vehicles in your plant(s), contact Fenkell. We are highly-experienced in preventing the threat of possible issues and will assist you in immediately inspecting and repairing/correcting the problems.

We Reduce Your Downtime

Fenkell is entrusted and brought in to our clients’ plants to handle plant holds from eight vehicles to thousands of vehicles. Our manufacturing clients send us specific instructions describing the hold, the specific vehicle issues, and what we should look for as well as a spreadsheet detailing each vehicle.

We ensure that the instructions and steps are appropriate and we then quote the job. We then come out to your facility and conduct the inspections and/or handle the repairs for you. No matter where your facilities are located, we will send out our professional crews to handle your situation(s).

Daily Status Reports To Reassure You

In addition to inspecting and handling vehicle repairs, when you work with Fenkell you will receive daily status reports. We generate these reports via our trusted Vehi-Trac® system that will enlighten you as to each vehicle that was inspected and repaired and those that still must be handled.

We invite you to call Fenkell Automotive Services at 586-268-3481.